Privacy Policy

Christie's Flowers & Gifts cares about your privacy. We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly need it. We don't share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law, complete your order, and provide you with useful information and reminders. See the next section of this page if you have any questions as to why we need certain information.

We store your order information in our system, so your ordering process is as quick and easy as possible the next time you order with us. We will review all information with you the next time you order with us, so we have the most updated information regarding your account. If you do so please, you can call or email us and request to be taken out of our mailing system. In this case, we will remove your billing address and email address from your account. Providing your email address to us over the phone is optional, but our web orders require one in order to provide you with a copy of your order after completion.

Why We Need Your Info:

Your name: We need to know who we're speaking to. This name does not appear on anything your recipient will be seeing unless you sign your name on the card.

Your billing address: We need to have an address associated with your credit card, and we also send you helpful reminder postcards in the mail one year after you place an order with us so you know that Christie's is here for you during holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Your phone number: We need a way to contact you in case of missing information or any issues regarding your order.

Your email address: Your email address is optional to disclose to us. We use it to send you a confirmation regarding what time your order was delivered, and we also have it on a mailing list that will provide you with occasional specials and deals we have going on.

Recipient name: We need the actual name of your recipient (not "mom" or "honey and the kids") so we can access them in cases of gated neighborhood access, hospitals, or funeral homes.

Delivery address: We need to know what address we are delivering your gift to. If we are delivering to an address that is not the recipient's home address, we try our hardest to get your order delivered at a more specific time of day. For example, restaurant deliveries will have the reservation time in mind. Orders to places of employment will be delivered during business hours.

We need a way to contact the recipient in order to coordinate the best time of delivery for them. We try to deliver all orders when there is someone available to take the order inside in a safe place to protect against excessive heat from the sun or theft. If you cannot or refuse to provide a recipient phone number, you would need to give us permission to leave your order at the delivery site. We cannot take responsibility for anything that happens to your order after we have permission to leave it unsigned for.

Your credit card number: We use your credit card to pay for your order, and that's it. We do not disclose any credit card information to any third parties. We take all major credit cards, but walk-ins are more than welcome to pay with cash or check.  If you have a gift certificate, let us know.

If you have any questions at all regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to call us (239-353-2602) or email us ([email protected])